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2018 LBH Teams - Important Information
Hi Folks
We have been doing everything we can this year to recruit and put together LBH  teams which our kids can play on this season. We know this process has been frustrating for all of us and we greatly appreciate everyone's commitment and patience through out this years training camp.
As many of you know, youth football has been severely impacted over the past few years by a wave of hysteria and negativity that is mostly inaccurate and unfounded. This has been seen across New England and the country and is not exclusive to MA or LBH but, is a reality which has resulted in less and less kids playing.
Our goal at LBH has always been to provide LBH teams for our kids to play or, to provide opportunities for them to play football as part of a nearby program. In June our board committed to moving forward with an E, D and C team setting a date of Aug 15th to finalize our decision on teams. Unfortunately as of today, we do not have the registration numbers to support a D or C team and have made a decision to move forward only with an E team this season. This was a very difficult decision but one that we must make to allow our kids to pursue other options if they'd like.
We have been in communication with the league and the Burlington Board throughout the summer and our recommendation for any D or C level players would be to play for Burlington Pop Warner. They have an excellent program, good coaches and support and, are close by. We currently have 12 players on their Patriot team so there is a good LBH presence and many parents who would be happy to car pool if needed.
Again, thanks to everyone for their patience and please feel free to reach out to John Marcin at themarcins@gmail.com if you are interested in transitioning to Burlington or have any questions. There is still plenty of time to get players equipped and ready for a season with them.
John Marcin
LBH President

by posted 08/15/2018
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