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The night before game day you should have:


  1. A serving of healthy carbohydrates: A serving size would be around the size of a baseball. Carbs supply the energy you need to compete at a high level on game day.

  2. A serving of lean protein: A serving size would be close to the size of a deck of cards.

  3. A serving of healthy fats: A serving of healthy fats is close to the size of a golf ball.


    Good hydration starts before game day! Drink plenty of water the day before a game. Avoid sports drinks the night before a game.


    Also, the day before a game is not the day to be trying out new foods! You wouldn’t want to find out something doesn’t agree with your system that close to the big day.


    Examples of Healthy Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fats Include:


    Healthy complex carbohydrates

                    - Whole grain bread (bagels, English muffins)

                    - Rice (any type)

                    - Whole wheat pasta

                    - Oatmeal

                    - Sweet potatoes

                    - Quinoa

                    - Any fruit

    Lean Protein

                    - Any fish

                    - Any seafood

                    - Chicken

                    - Tukey

                    - Egg whites

                    - Red meat

    Healthy Fats

                    - A handful of nuts

                    - Avocado

                    - Any natural nut butters



    Eating right on game day is a big part of top-notch performance! Have a good size meal around 3 hours before game time. That meal should include: Healthy Complex Carbs, Lean Protein, and Lots of Water.


    On game day you should avoid high fat foods; they take a while to digest and could leave you feeling sluggish at kick off.


    Some good meal ideas before the morning game are:

  4. Eggs, oatmeal, berries and a glass of orange juice

  5. Egg sandwich on a whole wheat bagel or English muffin with fruit on the side along with a glass of milk

  6. Whole grain cereal

  7. Pancakes with some yogurt and a glass of juice


    If you have an afternoon game, lunch will be an essential energy source. Lunch should be hearty and have as many food groups as possible, including whole grains, lean protein, fruit, and vegetables and low-fat dairy.


    It is good to have a snack 30-60 minutes before kickoff to top off the tank. You should eat easily digestible food or High-GI carbs that will absorb quickly into your body. For example: Dried fruit, pretzels, dry cereals, or rice cakes.


    At this point it is also ok to have a sports drink.



    Oranges at half time are a great way to aid in rehydration, and it also a carbohydrate that will help fuel the body for the rest of the game. A sports drink at half time will also help you top off your electrolytes helping you stay hydrated.