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Approximately 1/3 of the season is spent preparing the girls for cheering at the football games. This includes learning sideline cheers and a half time routine. The other 2/3 is spent focused on learning a team cheer and choreographed dance for Competition/Exhibition.
Practice prior to Labor Day weekend starts at 6 pm and ends at 8 pm.  As it gets darker or if your child is on a younger squad, practice times may end earlier.  Your coach will inform you of details during the season.  Practice is four nights a week (Monday thru Thursday) and is mandatory.
Soon after Labor Day, practice will move indoors.  The exact schedule will be communicated once the details are finalized. 
During outdoor practice, girls must remain with the team unless the cheerleader has notified the coach.  Once we move indoors, parents are NOT allowed inside the gym.  They must wait outside until allowed in by their coach.
After competition, the girls do NOT practice and simply continue to cheer at games.
During inclement weather, please check the website for rainy day instructions.  If football cancels practice, then cheer will also cancel the practice when we are practicing at the field. 
Attendance Policy:
  • In August, Please notify the coach or director of ALL absences in ADVANCE.  All absences must be approved in prior to the 1st practice.
  • In September, girls are only allowed ONE excused absence.
  • In September and October (during competition season), ALL PRACTICES ARE MANDATORY.
Practice Attire:
  • Black bottoms and white shirt MUST be worn for practice.
  • Bottoms may NOT have pockets and sweatpants may not be loose or baggy.  They are a safety hazard when stunting.
  • No hooded sweatshirts, zippered sweatshirts, or pockets on tops.  Girls must wear clothing that is close to the body.
  • Hair must be tied back.
  • No jewelry or nail polish may be worn.
  • Please bring a water bottle and bug spray when practicing outdoors
NOTE: Coaches cannot leave the field to take cheerleaders to the restroom as it is located across the street, past the track, beside the tennis courts.  Adults will need to take their cheerleader to the bathroom.  If you have younger children who may have issues, please make sure there is a responsible adult at the practice field who will be able to chaperone the cheerleader.